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CHS Wrestling 1998 Region Dual Meet Finals Summary

Calvert High School Wrestling

1998 South Region Dual Meet Finals Summary

Calvert vs. Northern

The two teams went at each other with everything they had while the great Calvert County fans from both schools created a deafening roar. The meet came down to strategy calls on the part of both coaches which led to a heart pounding finish. With Northern trailing 32-18 after the 160 pound match, Northern's Coach Pavia shuffled his line-up to try and secure victory for his team. Northern's normal 160 pound wrestler had been moved up to 171 pounds and registered a pin to make the score 32-24. Then Northern's star 171 pounder, Jimmy Stone, was sent out on to the mat to meet Calvert's Paul Sheran for what would likely be the deciding match of the evening. For everyone who knows these two teams, this had been an eagerly awaited matchup all year. Stone, the slick, 96/97 state finalist and team leader versus the powerful and exciting Sheran. The two had met the previous year at 171 pounds in the SMAC semi-finals and had delighted the crowd with an exciting match won by Stone. The Northern fans wanted to see Stone do it to him again while the Calvert fans were looking forward to seeing Sheran lock up Stone in one of his patented cradles. But, much to everyones surprise, Coach Kistler of Calvert threw in his own strategy call. He bumped Sheran to heavyweight and forfeited to Stone which then made the team score 32-30.

This move surprised nearly everyone in attendance as Northern has a solid performer at heavyweight named Mike Yestramski and Sheran had never wrestled at heavyweight in his career. What made this matchup even more exciting was the fact that Yestramski is about 6'5", 270 pounds while Sheran is only about 5'7", 190 pounds. In fact, Sheran had been a 171 pounder for all of his career having only recently moved up to the 189 pound class so it seemed to be quite a mismatch. The Northern fans certainly thought so and Yestramski came charging on to the mat believing he had an easy victory ahead of him. Meanwhile, the Calvert fans, having just been disappointed in not seeing the Stone/Sheran rematch, were wondering if the smaller Sheran could hold up. He did!

Sheran immediately took control of the match by showing his amazing strength when he lifted Yestramski off the mat and dumped him down so hard that Yestramski was temporaily shaken up. It was close to being an illegal slam but no ruling came from the referee. Northern's Coach Pavia came on to the mat to challenge the no-call which resulted in a penalty against Northern and one team point being taken away. When the match continued, Sheran was able to cradle up Yestramski but he could not put him away and the first period ended with Sheran ahead 7-1. Coach Kistler was starting to look like a genius. But then, in the 2nd period, Yestramski caught Sheran on his back and it looked like it was all over.

With the crowd going absolutely insane, Sheran managed to somehow avoid the crush of Yestramski's 270 pounds and made it into the 3rd period with a lead of 7-6. Yestramski looked tired and stunned that he had not been able to put Sheran away. The end finally came when Sheran was able to cradle him up once more and turn him to his back for the final drama. With the noise at an incredible ear splitting level, the referee's hand came down to signal the pin, and with it, a new era was ushered into Calvert County wrestling.

With a final score of 38-29, Calvert High School had just defeated Northern for the third time in a row and, with that victory, became the 1998 3A/4A South Region Dual Meet Champions.

Complete Summary

103 - Matt Fletcher (Calvert) pinned Joey Allen (Northern) 4:22 - Calvert 6 Northern 0
112 - Buck Sampson (Calvert) pinned Tommy Hayden (Northern) 1:59 - Calvert 12 Northern 0
119 - Kevin Gabrielson (Northern) pinned Dustin Little (Calvert) 0:25 - Calvert 12 Northern 6
125 - Blaire Surgent (Calvert) major decisioned Jesse Ratliff (Northern) 14-2 - Calvert 16 Northern 6
130 - Marcello Nucci (Northern) pinned Chris Lavezzo (Calvert) 1:10 - Calvert 16 Northern 12
135 - Jermaine Barnes (Calvert) major decisioned Steve Zimmerman (Northern) 25-13 - Calvert 20 Northern 12
140 - Jason Poore (Calvert) pinned Ray Stevens (Northern) 5:38 - Calvert 26 Northern 12
145 - Henry Kwong (Northern) pinned Jeremiah Clemens (Calvert) 1:38 - Calvert 26 Northern 18
152 - Scott McAdoo (Calvert) decisioned Dominic Scali (Northern) 9-4 - Calvert 29 Northern 18
160 - Shane Correll (Calvert) decisioned Rob Murianka (Northern) 5-0 - Calvert 32 Northern 18
171 - Josh Vance (Northern) pinned Duke Wells (Calvert) 2:33 - Calvert 32 Northern 24
189 - Jimmy Stone (Northern) won by forfeit - Calvert 32 Northern 30
Hwy - Paul Sheran (Calvert) pinned Mike Yestramski (Northern) 5:36 Calvert 38 Northern 29

(Note: Northern lost one team point during heavyweight match.)

See you next year!
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