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Scott McAdoo's Wrestling History - VI

Updated - 03/22/99

He Did It!
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December 5, 1998

Scott started off his senior season as the #2 seed in the 160 pound weight class of the Chopticon Braves Invitational Tournament. Despite being the defending 152 pound champion, Scott was the #2 seed due to the presence of the defending 160 pound champion, David Young from LaPlata. Young was third at the 1998 1A/2A state championship so there was a lot of anticipation for these two to meet in the finals. But it never happened.

Scott won his first two matches by pin after building an 11 and 9 point lead, respectively. But then, he lost in the semi-finals to the #3 seed, Matt Tao from Wheaton, by the score of 6-3. I have never seen anything like it... Scott wrestled as if he had been drugged. He had absolutely no energy, in fact, he even took injury time once due to his being dizzy on the mat. In the end, Scott escaped making the score 4-3 and all he needed was a takedown to win. But Tao hit a snap-down on him and he crumpled like a wet dish rag letting Tao practically walk around behind him for the takedown and the 6-3 win.

Numerous people commented on how they knew something was wrong and we have since consulted two medical professionals. The concensus opinion is that Scott needs to change his diet away from gummi bears and soda before a match to fruits and whole foods that will give him the energy he needs. Apparently, he was the victim of a sugar buzz and crash.

Scott ate and regrouped from his disappointing loss and added two more pins in the consolation semi-finals and finals. The times were fifty and forty seconds. So, Scott starts the year with a 4-1 record with four pins.

December 22, 1998

Scott has now completed the 1998 portion of the 98/99 season. The season began with Scott ranked third by the Washington Post and fifth by the Maryland State Wrestling Association. However, his loss at Chopticon dropped him out of both rankings. Since then, he has worked hard and may very well be ready to jump back in.

He is now 10-1 for the season with 9 pins. Every match that resulted in a pin was either a quick pin in the first minute or after first building up a double digit lead. His one match that was not a pin was his most important match so far. On 12/17, Scott defeated David Young of LaPlata by the score of 13-3. This match was very significant as Young was third in the 1998 state tournament and was ranked #3 in the state this year after having built a 10-0 record which included championship victories at the Chopticon and Lackey tournaments.

Scott gave up the first takedown by making a small, nervous mistake but escaped immediately and went on to outscore Young 13-1. This was no fluke. Scott hit a nice headlock in the first period but couldn't put Young away. In fact, to Young's credit, I have never seen anyone fight so hard off the bottom while in one of Scott's headlocks. After being there for about thirty seconds, he actually managed to twist around front and get to his feet for the escape. He then had to take an injury timeout for being dizzy. He came back refreshed and ready but Scott's confidence was really up now and he hit Young with a textbook perfect duck-under to score another takedown. The first period ended with Scott ahead 8-3. In the second period, with Scott on the bottom, Young was unable to have any effect on Scott in his various attempts to turn him. At about the 3:00 point of the match, Scott reversed Young to make the score 10-3. Scott attempted a tilt but only got a one count and then rode him out until the buzzer. Young chose bottom for the third period and Scott clamped one of his cradles on him about the 5:00 point. He worked it into his favorite move, the stud cradle, and Young was flat. The only thing was the referee, to everyones amazement, missed it. Again, to David Young's credit, he managed to break out of Scott's stud cradle (something that no one has ever done before), giving Scott three more points to make it 13-3. Scott was in the process of turning him again at the buzzer.

Needless to say, I was very proud of Scott for his performance in this match. He has taken special care, since the Chopticon disaster, to ensure that his diet is just right and he has been working very hard to elevate his conditioning level to it's highest level ever. It showed in this match and his confidence is now very high. He continues to work harder than anyone else on the team with his extra running, weight lifting and drilling sessions that go far beyond what is required in team practice. I believe he is positioned perfectly to attack the remainder of the season.

The team is now on holiday break but Scott has returned to Annville, PA to visit and continue his training with David Boger. He will attend wrestling practice with the Annville team on 12/22 and 12/23 and then return to us on Christmas Eve. His next competition is a dual meet on 01/06 and then it's time for back-to-back tournaments at Northern on 01/08-09 and South River on 01/15-16. Happy holidays, everyone.

January 24, 1999

It's been a month since I updated this so it's time to catch up. Scott is now 21-1 with 15 pins since the previous entry. This includes two tournament championships (at Northern and South River) and three more pins in dual meets (he is now 9-0 in dual meets).

Scott wrestled David Young from LaPlata again... this time in the finals of the Northern Tournament. Young was gunning for revenge and the score was closer but Scott prevailed again with a 9-5 victory. Actually, it wasn't as close as the score indicates as Scott spotted Young two points when he slipped on a headlock attempt in the first twenty seconds of the match. From there, though, Scott allowed Young only three escapes while Scott scored an escape of his own, three takedowns and a reversal. My understanding is that Young is now 22-2 with both losses coming from Scott.

In the finals of the South River Tournament, Scott wrestled one of his best technical matches, ever. He was leading 8-1 going into the third period and his coach decided to see if he could score a tech-fall to earn extra team points. That's a lot to ask in two minutes but Scott delivered. He scored five takedowns in the third period alone (nine total for the match). The last one was a headlock that resulted in a three point near fall at the buzzer that gave him a 21-5 win. It was very exciting and impressive.

On Saturday 01/23/99, Scott received an award as the 1998 Potomac Valley AAU Wrestler of the Year. The award is a gorgeous silver bowl on a beautiful wooden base. Both the bowl and the base are engraved. He is very proud, as are we.

February 21, 1999

Since the last update, Scott has wrestled in seven dual meets and one tournament. He is now 31-1 with 21 pins and he finished the dual meet season a perfect 16-0. His team won the SMAC conference dual meet title and the 3A/4A South Region dual meet title by going 15-0. Then they lost a heartbreaker in the state dual meet semi-finals by losing to perenial powerhouse Arundel by the score of 31-26. Scott did his part by scoring a 14-5 major decision (he had seven takedowns) but it wasn't enough. Oh well, the team still had a great season.

Yesterday he won his second SMAC tournament championship by beating (guess who?), David Young of LaPlata for the third time this season. I haven't talked to David yet but I have overheard him speaking to others and my impression is that he is a very nice young man. I feel badly for him as he would be undefeated if it were not for Scott. He has a 26-3 record and is ranked 5th in the state at 160. I expect that he will have another shot at Scott in the regional finals and then, possibly, again in the state finals. In the SMAC finals, Scott won by the score of 6-1. He scored two takedowns in the first period and a reversal in the second period. Aside from Young's escape in the first period there was no other scoring. Scott had nearly five minutes of riding time in the match.

Scott's 21 pins this season is a new school record and he also has the record for the longest winning streak which is now at 29 in a row. He continues to train and work hard to make sure he is ready each week. On Friday 02/26, Scott will try to win his first regional title (he was disqualified in the finals last year) in David Young's home gym at LaPlata. Wish him luck!

February 28, 1999

Scott is now the 3A/4A South Region champion. He went 3-0 this weekend to improve his record to 34-1 (he has now won 32 in a row). He had a forfeit in the first round due to his opponent being sick but his semi-final match was a rematch of the South River Tournament finals against Adrian Belcarris of Oxon Hill. Belcarris came into the match with a 24-2 record. Scott had defeated him 21-5 at South River but he didn't want to take him lightly. In fact, it started out with Scott slipping a little on a sucker drag from Belcarris' front headlock after a failed shot and Scott gave up the first two points. But he settled down from there and went on to escape, score a takedown and then hook up on a beautiful cross-face cradle. Scott thought he had him pinned (so did everyone else in the building) when Scott heard the long whistle and let him go. Unfortunately, the whistle he heard was from the other mat and no fall was recorded.

However, the match ended in an unusual way with Belcarris being disqualified for stalling. The score was 9-3 in the beginning of the third period when Belcarris was called for his third stall. The referee mistakenly thought this was the fourth stall and called an end to the match (it should have just been two penalty points). Funny thing was that neither Belcarris or his coaches objected. I had never seen anyone disqualified for stalling prior to this year and then it happens to Scott twice. Well, I originaly thought that Belcarris remembered the nine takedowns that Scott hit him with last time (after the South River match he said that Scott had embarassed him) and he probably didn't want that to happen again so he just clammed up on the bottom. However, we have since learned that he was dazed from a clash of heads. Now that makes more since because we know he was a tough wrestler and no one would consciously stall out in the regional semi-finals. It's too bad anyone has to lose that way especially this guy because I know he has a lot of heart and I'm sure he would have loved to have another shot at Scott. But, he is only a junior and I believe he will be one of the favorites next year for his shot at a state title. We wish him luck.

So the finals were set and Scott was going to wrestle David Young of LaPlata for the fourth time. Young came in with a record of 28-3 (all three losses were to Scott) and went out 28-4 after Scott won by the score of 5-0. There was one moment when Young hit a standing switch that worked well enough to get an angle on Scott. As they came up, Young nailed Scott with a headlock but never got control as Scott popped out and drove him to his back. Scott only got a one count as they slid out of bounds. Scott had him on his back earlier with a takedown but Scott had to drag his toes to stay in and Young was outside the circle so there were no back points there either. After this match, Scott and I both talked to David for the first time and I was right... he is a very nice young man. As happy as I am for Scott, I also feel badly for David. He was third in the state last year and I'm sure that he was looking forward to greater success this year. So far, Scott has gotten the best of him but it's not over. Scott and David are the two highest ranked wrestlers in the 3A/4A 160 state poll so, who knows, they could meet one more time in the state finals.

So Scott has positioned himself right where he needs to be as the #1 man from the South Region. If things go well on Friday and Saturday, he only has to win four more matches and claim the state title. Wish him luck!

March 6, 1999

He did it! Scott is now the 160 pound 3A/4A Maryland high school state champion! Wow, what a great feeling. Not only did he win states, but he did it in a way that made this the most satisfying win of his career by far. His finals opponent was none other than Matt Tao the one kid Scott had lost to back in December. So not only did he have a chance to win the state title but he also had the chance to redeem himself against that one loss. And man, did he take advantage of it. Tao never really knew what hit him as Scott scored his 22nd pin of the season in only 1:40 of the first period (only one of two pins in all twenty-six finals matches in 1A/2A and 3A/4A). I have never seen him so excited. With that victory, Scott became the first state champ from his high school and he set three new school records in the process... most wins in a season with 38, most pins in a season with 22 and longest win streak at a whopping 36 in a row.

Scott had a realtively easy tournament with scores of 13-8, 5-1 and 8-2 leading up to his pin in the finals. The toughest match was the first one. Scott has a habit of going in cold and always feeling his worst for the first match of any tournament and this one was no different. The eight points he gave up in that first match were by far the most he gave up all season. Although some of them were the result of his playing it safe at the end but it still got to be a little nerve racking there for a while. That first match was against Brad Mann the #4 man from the North with a record of 27-7. His second opponent was Steve Geoffre from Annapolis. He was the East #2 man with a record of 22-7. Although the score was not overly impressive at 5-1, Geoffre's only point came on an escape that Scott gave him when he cut him for another takedown.

His semi-final opponent was the West #2 man, Steve Suhaka of Damascus. Suhaka was ranked #6 in the state and came in with a record of 30-5 having just pinned the North #1 man, Leonard Jovenal from Catonsville (29-2). The good news was that Scott had already defeated Suhaka by the score of 6-1 at the Northern Tournament so his confidence was high. Scott also gave Suhaka his only points when he cut him loose for two escapes in order to take him down again. Meanwhile, Scott's long time opponent David Young of LaPlata was ahead 5-0 over Tao in the first period of the other semi-final and it was starting to look like Scott and David would wrestle a fifth time. Unfortunately for David, Tao closed the gap and forced overtime with a reversal in the last ten seconds of the match. Tao scored the takedown in OT and it was all set. Scott would have his shot at Tao and the chance to prove what he and I had been saying all along... Scott's loss to Tao was a fluke.

Tao, from Wheaton, came in as the West #1 man with a 31-3 record. Two of his three losses had been to David Young, which he had just avenged, and his other was to Zane Harshman the defending 1A/2A state champ. He was also the #5 ranked man in the state (Scott was #3), so he was no slouch. I told Scott that it was time to stop wrestling cautious and pull out all the stops. Go, go, go! In fact, I told him that he hadn't pinned anyone since the SMAC quarter-finals and I wanted a pin. Well, he delivered with that patented stud-cradle of his at 1:40 of the first period. Scott just seems to have a sixth sense about timing that cradle for when his opponents start to bring their leg up for a stand-up. He timed it beautifully this time and you can hear me saying on the tape: "Yes, Yes!" because I knew this was the beginning of the end for Tao. Scott took his time and hooked the leg with his own and tried to walk it around. The first time he was unsuccessful so he looked to Coach Kistler for guidance who simply said: "Run it!". Scott settled back down and calmly walked the leg around and boom... Tao ended up stacked on his shoulders with his knee past his ear and it was all over!

Scott jumped up and ran around the mat with his arms in the air. Then he went over and picked up Coach Kistler... I have never seen him so excited. The Calvert crowd went nuts and blocked my camera view and shook me around so much I hardly have any of it on tape but that's okay. It was one of the greatest moments of my life.

One last thought about the tournament. I had done some statistical analysis of the win/loss records for all thirteen weight classes. Scott's weight class was ranked first in combined wins, first in overall win percentage and second in fewest losses (a combined record of 418-91). His was also the only weight class in which all four semi-finalist were state ranked (#3, #4, #5 and #6). No other weight class had more than two ranked wrestlers in the entire bracket. It is for these reasons that I believe Scott competed in and won the toughest weight class of the tournament.

I am soooooo proud of Scott. He is living proof that goal setting and hard work to pursue those goals will bring the rewards that you truly deserve. I am probably most pleased when I think about how he can use this experience all through his life to help him succeed in business, love and life in general.

He is now qualified for the High School Nationals in Pittsburgh at the end of March but first he will wrestle in the Maryland All-Star Senior Classic. He needs two more wins between those events to get 100 for his career as he is sitting at 98 right now (not bad for only three years of varsity). Wish him luck!

March 12, 1999

Tonight Scott wrestled in the Maryland Senior All-Star Classic. This event brings the top seniors in each of the three divisions within Maryland, 1A/2A and 3A/4A public schools and the private/independent schools, for overall state bragging rights. Scott won both of his matches which brings his record to 40-1 for the year. More importantly, however, is the fact these two wins were also numbers 99 and number 100 for his career! What a great way to finish off a fantastic season. He now joins Jason Poore and Blaire Surgent, both of whom reached the 100 mark this season also, as the only members of the illustrious 100 Win Club! We knew coming into the season that Scott would have to be nearly perfect to get the 40 wins that he needed and he was.

In his first match of the night he wrestled Matt Kauffman from Northern High School in Garrett County. Kauffman was 3rd in the 1A/2A states (the 1A/2A state champion, Zane Harshman, wasn't there for some reason... too bad, we all wanted to see him and Scott square off). Scott was leading Kauffman 5-1 at the end of the second period when Kauffman defaulted out of the match with an injury.

In his second match, Scott wrestled Rob Arnold from Boys Latin High School. Arnold was the Independent state runner-up having lost in the finals by the score of 7-6. Scott was able to defeat him by the score of 4-1 although it wasn't really that close. Scott had a takedown in the first period that he didn't get credit for and then an escape in the second period that was not scored. Scott's four points were scored via a takedown and a reversal while Arnold was only able to earn one escape. Scott tallied around four minutes of riding time including the last minute of both the first and second periods and then the entire third period. So it was really a dominate match by Scott.

Scott's next contest will be an exhibition match as a member of the Maryland All-Star Team who will be wrestling the Virgina All-Star Team on Saturday night in Hayfield, Virginia. Scott will wrestle Derek Lipoli of Great Bridge High School who is, we are told, ranked number one in the country. Scott has already wrestled Lipoli, twice. Both times were at the AAU Junior Olympics in Freestyle and both times Scott lost by the score of 8-3. We'll see how he does in a Folkstyle match. Good luck, Scott.

March 13, 1999

Scott wrestled Derick Lipoli of Great Bridge, Va (#1 ranked wrestler in the country) at the Maryland/Virginia Senior All-Star Match at Hayfield, Va. Scott lost by the score of 7-2. Scott scored his two points by locking up Lipoli in his cradle and getting a three count but otherwise Lipoli was just too tough. Scott gave an escape and reversal (Scott chose top on his choice and Lipoli chose bottom on his) while on top and gave up two takedowns on failed shots that Lipoli countered. Lipoli just seemed bigger and stronger than Scott. (Note: At the Maryland/Virginia match, they were given seven pounds and Lipoli weighed in at 166.7 while Scott has been hovering around 159.) This was the third time these two had wrestled (twice at Junior Olympics in Freestyle) and two patterns are forming... all three times Scott has had Lipoli on his back and all three times Scott has lost by five points.

Oh well, this was still a good experience for him as he prepares to wrestle in the National High School Championships next week. Scott will wrestle at 152 at that event causing him to cut weight for the first time all season.

March 22, 1999

Scott had a fun day today as he attended two different photo shoots for all-star team selections. First, he went to downtown DC for his selection as first team Washington Post All-Met. Scott had been behind Joey Sargent of DeMatha all season but in the final rankings Scott finally jumped around Joey and was ranked #1 (this includes Washington, much of Maryland and Northern Va.).

Then Scott was off to Calvert Cliff State Park for the All Southern Maryland All-Star photo shoot. Here Scott had many individual shots taken of him as he was also selected the SMAC Wrestler of the Year. Congratulations Scott, we are soooooooo proud of you!

Please check Scott's Future Tournaments page to see what lies ahead.

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