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Scott McAdoo's Wrestling History - III

February 21, 1998:

Scott won the Southern Maryland Athletic Conference Championship Tournament in the 152 pound weight class. This tournament represents the championship of three counties, Calvert, Charles and St. Mary's. Scott's record is now 29-4. He should be the #1 seed in the South Region Championships on 02/27 - 28. If all goes well there, he should go into the 16 man state tournament bracket with a record of 32-4 and the south #1 seed.

February 28, 1998:

Scott finished in 2nd place in the Maryland 3A/4A South Region Championship Tournament. Scott was the #1 seed going in and won his quarter-final match 11-0 and then pinned his semi-final opponent in the 2nd period after building a 12-0 lead. Scott was leading his finals opponent (the 160 pound SMAC champ who had come down to 152) 4-1 in the 3rd period when he was disqualified for an illegal body slam. Scott had just excuted a beautiful high crotch and had switched off to a double leg takedown when disaster struck. He lifted his opponent onto his shoulder and attempted to dump him down to his back. The opponent locked on tightly and with their combined weight going down, Scott was unable to slow the momentum. His opponent hit the mat hard and square on his back with Scott's shoulder in his ribs. He never got up... He was taken out on a stretcher to go to the hospital. We certainly hope he is okay. Scott is now 31-5 and will be #2 seed from the south at the state tournament.

March 7, 1998:

Scott finished in 6th place in the Maryland 3A/4A State Championship Tournament. Scott entered the state tournament as the South #2 seed with a record of 31-5. In the end, his disqualification for a slam in the region finals hurt his chances to place higher.

In his first match he was paired up against the East #3 seed who had a 21-3 record. Scott dominated and won an easy technical fall by the score of 16-1. His next match was the championship quarter finals against the West #1 seed who had a record of 30-2. His opponent, who was the eventual runner-up and was ranked second in the state, had won a match with Scott earlier in the season by the score of 7-0. This time, the match was much tighter with Scott trailing 5-4 going into the third period. However, Scott made some mistakes in trying to gain the lead and ended up losing 10-4.

In the first round of the consolation bracket, Scott was matched up against the North #4 seed who came in with a record of 20-7. This young man had an unusual style which frustrated Scott but, nevertheless, he prevailed with a 7-4 victory. Scott's next opponent had been ranked as high as fifth during the season and came in as the East #2 seed with a record of 31-4. This one started out wild with both wrestlers scoring their share of points in the first period which ended with Scott leading 6-5. Scott then took control of the match and dominated from that point forward. After giving a meaningless reversal in the last few seconds, Scott won the match by the score of 13-7.

Scott's consolation semi-final opponent was the #3 seed from the North and came into the match with a record of 31-11. Scott led going into the third period by the score of 7-2. But he tired, having had only 30 minutes rest since his previous match, and got caught in a cement job and was pinned. (Note: His opponent, who lost in the championship semi-finals, had over 3 hours of rest.) This took Scott to the fifth/sixth place match against the North #2 seed who came into the match with a 30-3 record and was ranked sixth in the state. It was a tough match for Scott as he ended up losing 13-5. Scott ended his season as the 1998 Maryland 3A/4A sixth place finisher with a final record of 34-8.

Scott has an ambitious schedule ahead of him now. He has been attending the Washington Wrestling Club practices at American University in Washington, DC every Sunday for the past month. There, he has been brushing up on his Freestyle and is learning Sombo. He still has a couple of Folkstyle tournaments ahead of him but he is anxious to begin Freestyle and Greco-Roman competition.

March 29, 1998:

Scott wrestled in the Maryland State Age/Weight Championships as the #3 seed in the elite 160 pound age/weight class. He finished in 2nd place and qualified for the Mid-Atlantic Southern Qualifer to be held on 04/05 in New Jersey. His first match was against the eventual 3rd place finisher, Rob Lennard. Scott won by the score of 12-2. His semi-final match was against Gary Burkhardt, the eventual 4th place finisher. Scott won this match by the score of 7-1. His finals match was against Jeremy Fuss, the 1A/2A state high school runner-up. Scott fell behind and entered the third period losing 4-1. In his desperation to catch up, he made a few mistakes and fell further behind to 9-1. Then with 12 seconds left, Scott escaped to make it 9-2. Everyone in the building new Scott had to try a desperation throw. He did and he nailed it! He took Fuss straight to the mat and clamped down hard. He couldn't quite turn him though as Fuss' defense was fantastic. When the horn sounded, Scott let go and Fuss went completely limp with his eyes rolled back. He was out cold. The tournament officials immediately called for the EMTs and, ultimately, Fuss was revived with no apparent injury. They never did score Scott's takedown so the match actually ended up 9-4. Fuss was a slick style wrestler and Scott was little intimidated in this match. Now that it's over, I would love to see them wrestle again, I think it would be different. Maybe they will meet again in New Jersey.

Prior to going to New Jersey on Sunday, Scott will be wrestling in his first Freestyle tournament of the season at the U.S. Naval Academy.

April 4, 1998:

The first Freestyle tournament of the year was held at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Scott wrestled in the 165 pound junior division and placed 1st. He won four matches in the process. He also attended a USA Wrestling Freestyle referee clinic early in the morning and, subsequently, refereed his first tournament today.

April 5, 1998:

Scott traveled to Egg Harbor, New Jersey for the MAWA Southern Region Championships. Scott was tired and sore from his Freestyle tournament the previous day and did not do well. He lost his first match to a young man from New Jersey and was knocked out of the tournament. Next time we have an important tournament like this, I don't think that we will precede it with another tournament the day before.

April 11, 1998:

For the first time, Scott was double entered into a tournament. The DC Freestyle Championships were held on 4/11 at American University and Scott entered both the junior and the open division. He finished 2nd in both divisions. It was an extremely busy day for Scott as he also served as a referee. However, he really did not have that many matches. There were only four wrestlers in the junior division and only three in the open. Scott lost to the 1998 Maryland 160 pound 1A/2A high school state champion in a close match in the junior division but he easily tech-falled his other two opponents. In the open division, he defeated one opponent but lost to a freshman from Old Dominion University who had been the National High School Championships runner-up in 1997.

April 25, 1998:

Scott wrestled in the 165 pound class of the elite division at the Ohio Tournament Of Champions. He finished in the top 12 out of 41 competitors. Although his official record was 4-2, he was really 4-1 on the mat as he forfeited his first match and started out in the consolation bracket. Mistakenly thinking that his weight class was not wrestling until 3:00 PM we showed up at 10:30 AM thinking we were early. Unfortunately, his weight class had began at 9:00 AM and we found out that he had already missed his first match. In fact, we nearly missed it all as Scott found himself on the mat within 10 minutes of our arrival for his first match in the consolation bracket. From that point, he won four matches before losing to a 1998 Indiana high school state runner-up and being knocked out of the tournament.

This was Scott's first time wrestling in a real 165 pound weight class and it showed. He weighed-in dressed and still made weight easily. Meanwhile it appeared that many of his opponents had taken this tournament quite seriously as they seemed to be 170+ pounders who had cut weight to make 165. I am hoping that Scott's continuous hard work in the weight room coupled with more some more growth will find him to be a 170+ pounder that has to cut 5 or so pounds to make 165 by the time nationals roll around. I don't want him giving away 10+ pounds to his opponents each time he steps on the mat, as seems to have happened this time.

May 3, 1998:

Today Scott wrestled in four separate tournament events at Damascus, Maryland. He entered the junior and open divisions for both Greco-Roman and Freestyle. In all, he had 11 matches in one day and he refereed these tournaments, too! He was very tired and sore at the end of the day but it was worth it as he received many compliments on his hard work. Not to mention the confidence building that goes with wrestling that many matches in one day.

The day started out hard with his first match of the day being a Greco match against Jimmy O'Connor, a two time Maryland state high school champion with a 65-1 record over his junior and senior seasons. Scott lost by a very close 8-7 score in a match that he could/should have won. He had O'Connor on his back for the last 10 seconds of the match following a great belly-to-belly throw from a high-dive. But they mis-scored it and he received only 4 points for the sequence and lost a close one. From that point on, he did not lose again and took 2nd place.

He also placed 2nd in the junior Freestyle tournament. His only loss was a war with Zane Harshman, a 1998 Maryland state high school champion with a 64-3 record over the past two seasons. Scott lost 12-6 in what was his eighth match of the day. He won three other matches in this division... one by fall and two by tech-fall.

He did not win any of his four matches in the open division but he did do well. In Freestyle, he was forced into a 175 pound weight class where he gave away 14 pounds in his first match which he lost by the score of 6-3. In his second match, he gave away 11 pounds to a college sophmore from Coppin State University and was tech-falled 11-1. Despite his losses, it is good for him to wrestle grown men (college wrestlers and men in their 20's and 30's) that are bigger, stronger and more experienced than him. This will help him both mentally and physically whenever he wrestles in the junior division.

May 10, 1998:

Scott wrestled in the Maryland State High School Greco-Roman and Freestyle championships today. It was a very difficult day for him as he had attended his prom the night before and was quite tired. He had been swimming until 4:00 AM and he only had two hours of sleep. I was very proud of the fact that even attended this tournament.

Because Scott was so tired and given the fact that he was, once again, refereeing the tournament, he did not enter the open division this time. He went 6-2 on the day with his only losses being to Andy Seal, 5th in National Preps, in the finals for both Greco and Freestyle. I thought he did very well considering his condition and I was very proud of him.

May 23-25, 1998:

The first AAU Ironman World Championships were held at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor over the Memorial Day weekend. Scott attended and wrestled in the elite 165 pound division. The format of this tournament was to wrestle three separate tournaments in three consecutive days. The tournament started off on Saturday with the Greco-Roman tournament followed by Freestyle on Sunday and then Folkstyle on Monday. Each participant scored Ironman points for their placement in each individual style that counted toward0 the overall Ironman Championship. Scott finished 7th in Greco, 4th in Freestyle and 4th in Folkstyle for an overall 4th place Ironman finish. Along the way, he had some very tough and impressive matches. This event was a real test of each of the participants toughness and, of course, Scott refereed again which added to his fatigue factor.

In his very first match of the tournament, Scott wrestled Brad Lusk... a 1998 Michigan high school state runner-up with a 53-5 record. Lusk also had the distinction of being the 1998 AAU World Folkstyle champion for his age/weight group. It was a great match with Scott scoring a 1 point gut wrench with 1 second left to lose 10-9. If only, Lusk hadn't gone hand to hand... who knows? Lusk went on to win the Greco portion and the overall tournament. Later, in the Folkstyle portion Scott and Lusk met again. This time Lusk got the better of Scott 9-3 with this being Lusk's specialty. Scott did have the distinction of being the only wrestler in the tournament to ride Lusk for an entire period. The score was only 2-0 in the 3rd period when Scott made a few mistakes in his effort to gain the victory.

There were two other events of significance that came out of this tournament for Scott. First, he wrestled another Michigan wrestler who had been 3rd at the Michigan high school state tournament. They wrestled in both the Freestyle and Folkstyle portions. Scott tech-falled him in Freestyle 18-7 and also defeated him in Folkstyle by the score of 8-4 using a great low single leg attack throughout both matches.

Finally, Scott wrestled an Iowa wrestler in his first Freestyle match. During this match, Scott incurred one of the ugliest injuries I have ever seen. I honestly thought that not only was this match and tournament over for him but that his career was over as it seemed like he may end up in a wheelchair for the rest of his life. Scott was on the bottom and his opponent lifted him from behind in sort of a wheelbarrow position and began driving forward. Scott was crawling on his hands to avoid the pressure but saw the zone coming and, not wanting to give a penalty point for fleeing, he planted his forearms into the mat. Well his opponent kept driving and bent Scott completely over... butt to head. I have the match on video and if you freeze it you can see that Scott's right foot comes within about six inches of his right shoulder and his butt isn't too much further from the back of his neck. I, and I'm sure others, had never seen anything like it. Scott let out a primevil animal-like scream and then just cried and whimpered on the mat. I honestly thought he was going to be paralyzed for life. They called for the para-medics but while waiting, Scott began to stir on the mat. He showed the trainers that he could move first his toes then his feet and legs. Then, incredibly, he got up and started walking. In the end, they gave him what resulted in an extended injury time of nearly 10 minutes. And, unbelievably, Scott not only continued the match but he ended up winning in overtime (he told me right before he went back out: "I want to beat this guy"). I was never more scared and proud than during that match. I believe that Scott exhibited the epitome of the Ironman concept by getting up and continuing this match. It would have been so easy for him to quit not only that match but the entire tournament. But he's tough... real tough. I, and everyone there that saw it, was impressed.

May 30, 1998:

Scott wrestled and refereed in the Potomac Valley AAU Championships on this day. He told me he was a little tired and did not want to double enter so we decided to enter him in the open division only instead of the high school division. He ended up placing 2nd in both the Greco and the Freestyle. His only Greco loss was to a 26 year old just out of the Army who had been the Army's #2 ranked Greco wrestler in the country. He lost two in Freestyle... one was to one of the Maryland National Team coaches and the other was to a 24 year old former Ukranian national champion who has since moved to the US.

Although he lost to the Maryland National Team coach in Freestyle by the score of 7-1... he also wrestled him in Greco. Scott tech-falled him by the score of 14-3. It was a great confidence booster. (Note: For those of you that have been following all of this, you have probably figured out by now that Greco is Scott's strongest style.)

June 20, 1998:

Following a couple weekends without tournaments (Scott missed the Potomac Valley Challenge Cup due to his taking SATs), Scott wrestled in the East Coast Club Championships as a representative of the Southern Maryland Wrestling Club. This was a Freestyle only tournament (which, again, Scott refereed) and he went 4-0 for the day. He also won the trophy for most falls in the high school division by scoring falls in his first three matches. His final match of the day was against Ivan Hardnett, a 1998 Maryland high school state runner-up. It was a tough match with Scott giving up a point in the last five seconds for fleeing the mat which allowed Hardnett to tie it up. The overtime didn't last more than 10 seconds as the agressive Hardnett shot almost immediately and Scott flipped him for a two point back exposure and the win.

June 25-27, 1998:

Scott traveled to Orlando, Florida for the AAU Grand Nationals Greco-Roman and Freestyle Championships. He had a great three days finishing 2nd in Greco and 4th in Freestyle. This was one time where there is no doubt in my mind that Scott's performance was affected by the fact that he was once again officiating. Although, it was a great experience for him to officiate at such a prestigious national event if was also quite tiring. While other wrestlers came in around 9:00 AM and left as early as 6:00 PM each day (and got to lounge inbetween matches), Scott was on his feet for most of the day. He had to arrive at 6:45 AM each day for the 7:00 AM referee's meeting and then worked until around 11:00 PM each night. It didn't really affect his Greco but by the 2nd day of Freestyle you could tell it was getting to him.

Scott's Greco tournament was fantastic. In his first match he defeated Eric Wince, a North Carolina high school state championship 4th place winner by the score of 8-3. In his second match he wrestled a young man, Michael Fico, who had taken 6th in the New Mexico high school state championships. Scott was ahead 5-1 when he hit a beautiful belly to back suplex following a failed arm spin in which he popped out behind. Fico made the mistake of trying to come to his feet and Scott sent him flying straight to his back for the instant touch fall at 0:59 into the match. It was gorgeous and I hope to get a picture of it off the video to place on the web page photos section.

In his third match, Scott wrestled a fine young man by the name of Steve Forrest from Vermont. Forrest was a Vermont state champion in his freshman year and a runner-up (having lost in the finals in overtime following a hand injury) his sophomore year. He is the #3 ranked sophomore in the country. Scott lost a tough one here by the score of 9-3.

This put Scott into the round robin portion of the tournament as the #2 man from pool A. He wrestled the #3 wrestler from pool B, another New Mexico wrestler. Patrick Garcia had been the 1998 New Mexico high school state championship 3rd place winner at the 171 pound weight class. He came down to 165 for this tournament and Scott had his hands full as he said the guy was as strong as an ox. (Note: Scott weighed in at 159 pounds for the tournament and was giving away probably 10 pounds to Garcia who could not make 165 for the Freestyle portion and ended up going up a weight class.) Scott was on a roll however, and pinned Garcia at 4:49 after building a 9-1 lead.

This put Scott into the semi-finals against the #1 man from pool B, Todd Paszek from South Dakota. Paszek was a 1998 South Dakota high school state champion with a 45-0 record. This match was a war with Scott winning 12-11. Scott won this one mostly as a result of a beautiful 5 pointer by way of a high dive and belly to back suplex (again, look for this in the photos section). Paszek was a little upset that Scott took a couple of injury time outs but he had to as his entire left ear was turning black (not black and blue but black) thanks to Steve Forrest's head locks. (Note: Scott was now wearing his head gear but he was still in pain.)

Scott went into the finals for a rematch with Forrest. Although Scott lost, this time it was different. Scott wrestled with the strategy of avoiding Steve's devastating head locks and they went to overtime with Forrest ahead 1-0. I kept yelling to Scott that he was one move away from his first national championship but he just couldn't get it done (much to Steve Forrest's credit). Forrest ended up winning, technically, by fall at about the 7:50 mark. But it was really 3-0 as once Scott gave up that third point he relaxed and rolled to his back, exhausted from such a long, tough match. Needless to say, he was disappointed that he did not win but, in the end, he is very pleased with his national runner-up status.

The Freestyle portion had more contestants and was conducted over two days: Friday and Saturday. Scott started out really bad with a rematch with Paszek from South Dakota. Scott went out flat and tired while Paszek had revenge in his eyes from the previous days semi-final Greco loss to Scott. He shot right of the whistle and scooped Scott up on his shoulder. He cradled Scott on the way down and set him right on his shoulders for a 7 second fall. Hello, wake-up! Scott had wrestled 7 seconds and was already one loss away from elimination. Scott came back strong however by winning his next four in a row. This included a 13-2 tech-fall over the New Mexico high school 6th place finisher mentioned before and a tough 10-7 win over a Michigan wrestler, Judd Sybesma, who had placed 4th in the Michigan high school state championship. He then tech-falled a tough Ohio wrestler by the name of Brad Statzer to end up the #2 man in pool A.

Scott's first match in the round robin was against Eric Wince of North Carolina who was the #3 man from pool B. Although Scott had beaten him 8-3 two days earlier in Greco, Wince was tougher at Freestyle. Scott fell behind when he got five pointed by Wince. It wasn't one of those great throws... just a double leg takedown that lifted Scott off the mat. Once Scott was on his shoulder, he lifted and turned Scott to the mat and Scott made the mistake of allowing himself to fall to his back instead of twisting to land on his knees. Nevertheless, it was five points for Wince and Scott was behind 8-1 at one point. Then we all saw the heart of champion in action. Scott made an amazing comeback in what many observers said was the most exciting match of the tournament.

This one is worth detailing: Scott had the good fortune of having David Boger and Bruce Gabrielson both coaching him from his corner and I really think it is what gave him the strength and heart to come back. He fought back to a 11-7 deficit with 30 seconds left in the match. Scott then scored a two point back exposure off a double leg takedown with about 20 seconds left making the score 11-9. He immediately went to a gut wrench but couldn't turn Wince one way but with everything he had he took him the other. Unfortunately, Wince went hand to hand and Scott scored only one point. There were now about 7 seconds left and Scott could have easily given up and lost 11-10. But something inside him said no and he kept working. Of course, he couldn't gut wrench again (the rules permit only one gut wrench in a row) so he was looking for something else. Amazingly, he forced a cross face cradle onto Wince and turned him with 3 seconds left in the match for a two point exposure and a thrilling 12-11 victory. (Note: He had that cradle on tight and I'm certain there would have been a fall if time had not run out.) I was so proud. He really showed the heart of a champion in this match. Dozens of people came over to congratulate both of them for a great match. People were talking about it for hours.

Scott's next match was against the B pool #1 man, Emmett Wilson, a Montana high school state champion who had defeated Steve Forrest 9-7. Wilson, being the # 1 man from pool B, had a bye in the first round of the round robin and was fresh. Scott, having just wrestled Wince only 25 minutes earlier and having been refereeing until 11:30 PM the night before followed by getting up at 6:00 AM to make the referees meeting that morning, was spent. Nevertheless, Scott did a good job but lost by the score of 8-4. This put Scott into the consolation finals against Paszek, the number one man from pool A who had just lost a tough one to Steve Forrest in their semi-final match. Again, Paszek was too much for Scott. There was no 7 second pin this time but Scott fell behind 8-2 when he ran out of gas and was turned for a fall. And so, Scott ended up with a 4th place medal at Freestyle. Again, I was very proud of him.

June 6-10, 1998:

Scott attended the Maryland National Team Training Camp this week. It was a tough camp for him as he came home each day and it was a 3 hour round trip. His work out partner was Wes Cummings, the top ranked junior 171 pounder in the country. They hit it off well and I'm certain that it was a good experience for Scott.

July 19-25, 1998:

Well a year had gone by and it was time to make the long trip to Fargo, ND again for the USA Junior Nationals. I know it's a long trip for many of the participants but that doesn't make the 26 hour bus ride any more comfortable. Scott did not have a good tournament. He was sick from almost the moment he arrived. High fever, sore throat... he probably should not have wrestled at all but he knew that there was so much time, effort and money invested that he just couldn't sit out. He only won one match in Freestyle and none in Greco. He did have a good Freestyle match against the eventual 5th place winner from Florida. Scott was ahead of him when he got caught underneath while executing a gut wrench and the side judge called a quick touch fall. No one else called it but the judge held up the match, had a conference and managed to convince the other officials that the match was over. Too bad, Scott feels he was on his way to beating that guy.

Well, I only have the video tape to go by as this was the first time ever that I was not with Scott when he wrestled. He said it effected him as he felt that he could not do it without me. Flattered as I am, I sure hope he grows out of that fast.

Finally, Scott went to the doctor immediately upon returning home and was diagnosed as having strep throat (no wonder he didn't wrestle well). It's too bad his tournament was ruined as he/we had high hopes for his chances. And we certainly hope he didn't get anyone else sick.

August 2-7, 1998:

Norfolk, VA was the site of the 1998 AAU Junior Olympics. Scott attended as a member of the Potomac Valley team which represented Maryland, Northern Virginia and Washington DC. The field consisted of 32 teams from various parts of the country although there was a strong contingency from Virginia along with 3 teams from Michigan, 3 from Ohio and 3 from Mid-Atlantic (representing Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware).

The Potomac Valley team placed 3rd in the tournament (it's highest placement ever) after winning their pool and losing only in the semi-finals to eventual champion Mid-Atlantic Red. The team posted an overall 9-1 record.

Scott placed 2nd in his pool and advanced to the individual tournament which followed the team competition. He lost in the semi-finals to Dereck Lipoli from Great Bridge, Virgina by the score of 8-3. Lipoli was the #1 ranked junior 160 pounder in the country (by Intermat) at the end of the 97/98 high school season. Scott then lost to Nate Wachter, a four time state champ and two time national prep champion from Germantown Academy in Pennsylvania. It was a close match but Wachter was just too much for Scott (this time anyway). So Scott finished 4th and just missed All-American honors by one. It was a solid 4th place finish as Scott's overall record was 9-5 and his losses were: two to Wachter (finished 3rd), two to Lipoli (finished 2nd) and one to David Shafer (from Mid-Atlantic Red and finished 1st).

August 20, 1998

The McAdoo's will be leaving Calvert County soon... we will be moving to Minnesota where I have an offer for a job. The problem is we aren't exactly certain when we will be may be in September or not until October. In either case, we worried about taking Scott to another state in the middle of the school year and possibly hampering his athletic eligibility. (Note: We have been told that Minnesota requires a student to be enrolled in the school from day one in order to be eligible for fall and winter sports (spring sports is not a problem but, obviously, it's wrestling that we're worried about).)

We thought about trying to find someone around here that would take Scott into their home when we moved. That way he could stay at Calvert High School and finish out his senior year with all of his friends. However, Scott may have a lot of friends around here but we don't (we are not from this area originally). Bottom line, we couldn't find anyone that met the combined requirement of being willing to take him and that met with our approval.

We consulted with our family and friends from outside the area and a blessing came through in the form of a good friend of the family. David Boger, a man we met when Scott first started wrestling and who we have since become very good friends with, volunteered to take Scott into his house and solve our problem. He happened to have a spare room in his house which he graciously offered to Scott. Scott gets along fine with David as well as the rest of his family. They live in a small town in Pennsylvania called Annville which is just outside of Hershey. This had an advantage over any other family/location that we could have considered in that it is still relatively close to Calvert. It is only 2 1/2 hours away versus our other relatives in the Pittsburgh area that are 6 hours away. This way, Scott would still be close enough to come back and visit his friends from Calvert every now and then without it being a major trip.

It was a difficult decision for Scott to leave his family and friends but it was, more or less, forced onto us by the circumstances of our move and our concern about his senior athletic eligibility. We all discussed it, over and over. We went up there to discuss it and they came down here to discuss it. Finally, the decision was made... Scott will move to Annville, live with the Bogers and attend Annville/Cleona High School.

Ironically, it turns out that Pennsylvania has the same requirements as Minnesota with regard to when a student has to be enrolled for athletic eligibility. Fortunately, school does not start there until the 1st of September so we have been able to move this process along quickly enough to get him enrolled before that all important first day of school.

Will we miss him? Are you kidding? My wife is ready to cry every time she thinks about it and I have trouble containing my emotions too. He is our pride and joy. All of his life, he has been special with so many friends and so much success. But everything he touches seems to turn out right and we have no doubt that this will, in the end, be a good experience for him. We explicitly trust the family that he is moving in with and have no doubt that this will be a positive part of Scott's life. And as far as wrestling goes, it works out quite well as Scott can now test himself against those tough PA wrestlers.

If there are any of you out there that may be inclined to send Scott some well wishes, I know he will appreciate it. You can do this easily by clicking back to the main page that precedes this one and then clicking on the guestbook option. Or, if you would like to write to Scott directly his new address will be:

Scott McAdoo
449 W. Queen St.
Annville, PA 17003

Finally, Scott, his mother and I all wish to thank the wonderful people here in Calvert County and at Calvert High School. Scott wouldn't be where he is if it were not for the influence of his friends, teachers, coaches and teammates. They have all encouraged him and helped him to be the best he can be. I know he hopes to make all of you proud as he moves on to the challenges ahead of him. And he wishes all of you well too, especially the Calvert wrestling program to whom he owes so much. (This was the hardest part of this situation for Scott... to leave behind his teammates who are on the verge of being one of the best teams in the entire state.)

Well, that's it. The spring and summer seasons of 1998 are over. Scott is now in the middle of a well deserved three week break (he has been practicing and competing steadily for 49 straight weeks). Thank you all for taking the time to read this and a special thank you to all of you that have sent Scott encouraging messages.

Scott's Off Season Statistics:

Scott's off-season match total thru 08/07 is 91 and his off-season tournament total is 23 (remember that 9 of these where national level events). His off-season record is as follows:

Open Greco-Roman: 2-1
Open Freestyle: 3-4
High School Greco-Roman: 11-8
High School Freestyle: 33-15
High School Folkstyle: 9-5
Please check Scott's Future Tournaments page to see what lies ahead.

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