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Scott McAdoo's Goals And Dreams

This is a list of Scott's favorite success quotes and his goals and dreams for both wrestling and in life. Goals and dreams make us who we are and help us to become who we want to be. Without them, motivation is not present and desire is stifled.

Updated: 08/24/99

Success Quotes:

"There Is No Challenge That Cannot Be Met, No Dream That Cannot Be Achieved."

"Climb High, Climb Far. Your Goal Is The Sky. Your Aim Is The Stars."

"No One Can Predict To What Heights You Can Soar. Even You Will Not Know Until You Spread Your Wings."

"Intensity -- That's What It Takes To Become A Champion!"

Scott's Personal Goals And Dreams:

Goals for 1998/99 Season:

- Calvert High School's Second Two Time SMAC Champion - Realized 02/20/99

- 3A/4A South Region Champion - Realized 02/27/99

- Calvert High School's First State Champion - Realized 03/06/99

- Win Maryland Classic (Defeat State Independent and 1A/2A Best) - Realized 03/12/99

- 100 Career High School Victories - Realized 03/12/99 Final Record: 100-26

- Undefeated High School Season - Not Quite, 40-1

- SMAC Wrestler Of The Year - Realized 03/22/99

- First Team Washington Post All-Met - Realized 03/22/99

- #1 Ranked Wrestler In Maryland - Not Quite, #2

- High School All-American - Didn't make it

- National High School Champion - Not even close

- Junior World Team Trials Champion - Did not compete in 1999

- Maryland State Junior Freestyle And Greco-Roman Champion - Realized 05/99

- AAU Ironman World Champion - Not Quite, Tied for 2nd 05/31/99

- AAU Grand Nationals Champion - Did not compete in 1999

- USA Junior Nationals Champion - One round away from All-American

- AAU Junior Olympics Champion - 10-3 record

Future Goals (as of 08/24/99):

- Undefeated Season For Blair Academy College Team

- High School National Prep Champion

- Junior World Team Trials Champion -

- Division I College/University Wrestling Scholarship

- NCAA Division I National Champion

- USA National Freestyle and/or Greco-Roman Champion

- World Freestyle and/or Greco-Roman Champion

- Member USA Olympic Team

- Olympic Gold Medal Winner

- Be A Business Owner

- Marry And Have Children

- Give Back To The Wonderful Sport Of Wrestling

It doesn't matter whether anyone else in the world thinks your goals are attainable or not. What counts the most is that you have them firmly implanted in your mind and heart in order to create the desire that is necessary to become a champion. Don't let anyone steal your dream!

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